World Animal Day 2019

The World animal day is an international day that was first originated by Heinrich Zimmermann who was a German Author. The first time World animal day was on Day on 24 March 1925 at the Sports Palace in Berlin, Germany when more than thousand people attended the event. Since that time, it’s been celebrated annually in all countries irrespective of nationality, religion, or beliefs.
According to the official world animal website. This mission as they name it is meant to raise money in order to help improve the lives of animals around the world and make it a better place for them.

Why do people abuse animals?

We all know that in many parts of the world, there are animals that are being abused and are suffering every day from humans who are one of the biggest problems animals face, but at this point, we have to pause and think about the reason why those people are treating animals awfully. I think there are three groups of people who hurt animals.
First Group
Most of the people in this group abuse animals because they don’t really understand what they are actually doing. For example, some people don’t know what kind of shelter different kind of animals need so they might keep them in the wrong place where they could suffer or get hurt.

Second Group
The second group of the abusers constitutes of kids who hit animals with stones or even rocks just for fun because they think it’s fun to do that and not only kids but also adults and that’s why kids are imitating them so it’s sort of part of the culture. They don’t realize what they are doing and because no one is blaming them they keep doing it. In fact, some people do that when they are angry at someone so they hit or kick the animal because they can’t hit that person.

Third Group
This last group is the worst group. Some people hurt animals without thinking about there feelings but they do that on purpose. They think it’s fun to abuse animals and see an animal run away scared. They enjoy hurting the animal and they feel more powerful when they are doing that.

To help animals, we should work on each of these groups because each one is different and needs a solution.
  • For inexperienced people who don’t realize their hurtful behaviour towards animals. We should awaken them by showing them how animals feel when they are abused. I think we should set a punishment on anyone abuse animals after that.
  • The second group of people is hard to convince since the act of abusing animals has deep roots in their society, so we have to work on long-term solution starting from schools. I think it would be useful if we can make groups who visit schools and talk to students about this problem and of course we can use the internet to make ads about that too.
  • With the last group of people, it’s more complicated than advising. Those people have different situations and some of them are addicted to the act of abusing animals, so I think the best way to prevent them is to set a big financial punishment on them and we can use that money to treat animals if they abuse them.

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