The Butterfly Superstition

Superstitions have always taken place in almost all societies in the world. Maybe because some humans like to be dramatic and some like to be optimistic so it’s all about our feelings, expectations, and maybe desires. People innately invent some ideas about actions, behaviors or even creatures in the world and linked them to some results because they didn’t have any other explanations or this simple superstition is easy and saved them their thinking.
In my culture, we have so many superstitions that I used to hear from old people especially about Jinns and bad luck. As a child, I found them interesting to hear and the people who told them made them very exciting.  Particularly the ones about jinns because they were a little bit scary and some people really believe in these stories.

Butterfly symbols the wealth

I almost heard this sentence every time I saw a butterfly in someone’s house or room. People used to think that butterflies bring good luck and money. Therefore, if you see a butterfly in your room or in your house, that means you’ll get money or some good soon. There is a concept that everything beautiful like butterflies will lead aways to something good. It’s not necessary that people believe and this and actually they don’t really do but it’s part of the culture to be hopeful whenever you see a butterfly. I don’t mind people who say something hopeful about butterfly just for fun as long as they don’t have a strong belief in the superstition.

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