My Favorite Hobby

Hobbies are the things we are interested in the most, and they are usually the positions where our performance is much better than any other position, thus it’s the best for anyone to be doing the things he/she loves as the future job. That’s why I followed my path since I became addicted to graphic designing and programming.

I fall in love with graphic designing first because it caught my attention and made me curious to know how things were being designed and how all that is being done. Therefore I started online tutorial which was about 2D and 3D designing and that took me few months to finish it, but after I finished, I realized that there is a lot more to learn so I kept learning new things and that helped me find better resources to learn from. Actually, if you want to learn online, you should learn how to find the best resources first and that’s the most important part I think because it’s very likely to find some people who are wasting their time learning some useless stuff since everyone is able to be an online teacher.

A few months of learning how to design I became satisfied with my designing skills, so I decided to learn web designing which was so exciting especially when I designed my first template using HTML, CSS, and javascript. Those were the basic languages for web designing so it took me only one month to learn each one of them and be able to design my own website. I then realized how vast programming is and that made me both compelling and small because I understood that this field is unlimited which made me wonder about choosing a specific thing to learn and be a master at.
I had to search and find out which programming language would I enjoy learning the most. Finally, i decided to be an Android developer so I started learning Java which I really enjoy and then a new official language appeared which is Kotlin. Now, I’m focusing more on Kotlin because it’s more efficient and easy to understand.
Definitely, after I finish this language I’ll learn the rest because I’m extremely fascinated by this massive field and I hope I  could start it at a younger age. Of course, I needed English to start, so that postpone my learning a little bit but I’m not worried about that as long as I’m captivating by my hobby.
Sadly, since I started at college, I don’t have much time to focus on my talent that I just start growing, but as soon as I finish this semester I’ll take computer science courses and join my favourite world. ^^

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