Materialism as a Profit generator for Big Corporations

Materialism is the feeling that makes us value physical things and think of them as vital in our lives. Traders or business people have always been looking for methods to make people buy more and therefore they can earn more money, but if they want to make people spend more, they should convince them somehow that they must own some stuff in order to look more complete and acceptable in the society.
They begin with targeting our emotions by including the parts of the life of which we lack such as happiness, being admired or being beautiful and good looking. Moreover, they did that gradually by combining famous people whom we already assume to be happy.
Materialism has existed and grown for years but never like it did in the last few years as social media became part of everybody’s life.The humongous growth of the internet and the immediate access to anything have made it much easier for companies to reach their advertisements to everyone everywhere at any time. That for sure help them generate a lot of money but it actually had a larger impact on our behaviors, lifestyle, manners and a dozen of other matters. As we can clearly see, companies don’t need anymore to persuade us since people are programmed to influence or even force each other indirectly to buy their products. Nowadays the look is very important, and people would criticize you and make assumptions based on how you look. That has a huge control over your freedom indeed.
Black Friday is also one of the methods that urge people to buy more by making some fake discounts in order to get them to buy more stuff that they don’t need but they think it’s a chance to get something cheaply. It really changes our mindsets and makes us think the way the companies want us to think. Some people realized that and tried to make a buy nothing day to get people to think of why they are spending their money uselessly on something they don’t need or why they are considering that they must buy something on Black Friday while they must not.

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