Giving Thanks-Thanks Giving: The Things I’m Grateful For

We sometimes take the major things and people in our lives for granted while they really deserve our gratitude.
When I was a little kid, I took many things for granted. I didn’t really pause to think of the blessings I had, but when I grew up, I realized that I have so many blessings that not everyone has. I learned that I have a wonderful family that has always given me what I need.  I realized there are people out there who don’t have their five senses, and I understood that my great teachers are not rights but privileges. Whenever I think about what I have in my life, I find thousands of things for which I must be grateful.

My mom

My mom is always the only one who cares about me for no reason. In contrast, everyone usually cares for a reason. She has always supported, encouraged and helped me through my life. In fact, I was and is a homebody person, thus I spent a lot of time with my mom when I was a kid. It’s really a blessing to have a mom and we can realize that by just imagine our life without her. I must be grateful for having such a wonderful mom who is always by my side.

My Sister

Since I was 7 years old, my younger sister Hazar has been like my best friend more than my sister because we were and are still very close to each other. Hazar is my sister, my friend and a blessing that I have.She’s the most special person to me in my family. I’m very thankful to have an amazing sister who makes me always feel gratified and happy.

My Friend

I have very few friends but they mean a lot to me. My childhood friend with whom I spent most of my childhood. I first meet him in school when we were 7 years old and then we became friends. We used to argue every day, but I lost touch with him for many years and then he found me again on Instagram and that’s why I’m thankful for Instagram ^^. Now, we are in touch almost every day even though we live in different countries. I’m very pleased to have this marvelous friend.

My Teachers

I’ve always loved studying, but I always feel grateful for my teachers who made me love studying more. Actually, I had some boring teachers in the past which reminds me of how my current teachers are great because my enthusiasm really depends on the teacher. Great teachers always make you a great student. Now I have wonderful teachers whom I consider gifts.


Reading is one of the things I’m grateful and appreciative for. I never realized the infinite world that exists within books and novels. I started reading regularly 5 years ago when I found a little part of a fictional novel on Facebook. It was the first part of that novel and I loved it, so I kept following the author who posted a new part every month. It became my favorite novel in which I experienced living in a different world where I pictured the story events and characters in my mind. After that liked the detective novels. Reading is very useful to me in many different ways. It helps me to improve my language, expand my range of thinking and develop my imagination. I must be thankful for books that give me so much each time I sit on my take my book, breath and dive deep into a new story.

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