About My Old Hometown

The place where you grow up starting your life is something you can never forget. In my home town, Busra, I first saw the light when I opened my eyes in the very ancient city which was first by The Nabatean Kingdom in 106 AD.
In the fall, pins, cypress, and eucalyptus trees start to take a new colour as the colour of their leaves changes. You can always see leaves on the old stony side walk. Busra has many precious antiquities that was built by the Roman because it was a prosperous provincial capital at that time. In fact, Busra is famous particularly for its castle that was built by many kingdoms in the past and this is the part I remember from it for it was so beautiful and taken care of by the government because of tourism. There I used to see old trees that made the antiquities look more wonderful.
As the rainy winter starts, you will notice some flows running through the small streams and valleys that pass under streets.Actually, in the winter, people used to be busier since we had more employed people. Farming was the major job before but, in the last few years of my life there people started to get away from farms.
spring is the season when almost all people spend most of their time outside having picnics close to valleys and other scenic places. Spring was so beautiful there because the weather is either so cold or so hot during other seasons.
Our summer used to be a little boring because it’s hot and dry and most of the people are usually either outside the town having vacation or working on gathering crops like wheat and gram for farmers.
Nowadays, my town is totally destroyed as a result of the war in Syria, but some people are still living there because they can’t leave so they became accustomed to that type of life.
The fact that my home town is not the one I know doesn't bother me or make me sad because I don’t like a thing to stay the same, so I accept the changes normally, but for sure I might be sad because even the old things are damaged. The picture of my city will always last in my mind even though I'm so far from it.

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