Brilliant Tips To Make You Blog like A Pro Blogger

Building a personal blog has become a necessity for almost everyone nowadays, and since it’s pretty easy to create a free blog, you should have your own professional blog that represents you in the virtual and real world. To do that there are few tips that most of the new bloggers don’t notice while these tips are very important, and they show your professionality.

1- Featured Image

It’s simply a representative image for your posts and pages that you can put to describe the topic you’re talking about in your article or we can describe it as a background for your post.
1- First, you have to make sure that the size of the image you have is 780×330 and to do that you can go to this website by clicking here
2 – In the middle of this page, click on Choose File and simply choose the picture you want to resize and write the size as it’s shown in this picture below and then click on Resize Image
3- Once you resize it, go down and click on Save, and the resized picture will be downloaded for you.
4- To add this picture to your post, go to your blog posts and then click on Edit.
5- And then click on Featured Image -> Set Featured Image where you can upload an image from your computer. Once you click on it,  a new tab will open so you click on Add New to upload pictures from your files.

2- Read more tag

If you are writing any post, then you want it to appear on the main page of your blog in a nice shape which means you have to see a picture, title and a small description from your post. Of course, you don’t want the whole text to appear below the picture which makes it unprofessional, so to make a small part of the text appears you should use Read more tag
1- All you have to do is place your cursor at the spot in the post where you want the Read More Tag to appear. 
2- Click on the “Insert Read More tag button”. You can find the More Tag button in the first row and then just click on the Update button and you’re done.
  • Remember to adjust the number of words before the read more tag to make your posts look similar on the main page of your blog.

3- First image in the post

This is only for the Themes that doesn’t show the featured picture on the main page
The first image in your post is really important because it usually appears on the main page as a thumbnail. Premium plan in WordPress provides features to resize pictures automatically, but since we have a free plan you can use another method.
1- You can use the website I mentioned in the first tip to choose a specific size for your images that appear on the main page of the blog and that depends on the template (Themes) you are using but the point is: Make all images the same size before you upload them to the post.
2- If you are using google images to search, you can use the searching tools to pick the size you want. So click on Tools and on the bottom of that menu, click on Size or you can click on Exactly and type the size you want.

4- Catagories

If you are writing regularly in your blog then, you’ll have so many posts and that makes it hard for visitors to find a specific post, so it’s useful to group your posts in many categories and add those categories to the menu so that visitors can find what they want easily.
1- there are many ways to add a new category, but the easiest way is to go to your post and click on Edit. You’ll see it on the right side of the page so just click on Catagories and Tags, and you’ll see your current categories. you can also add a new one or click on one of the current ones to group your posts.
2- Now that you linked each post to the right category, you should add these categories to the menu in your blog so you need to go to:
Theam -> Customize and you click on Menu
3- Then you click on Primary
4- After you open this menu,  click on Add Items -> Catagories and then choose the category you want to add to the Menu and then click on Save

5- Site Icon

Favicon (short for “favorite icon”) is an icon intended to be used when you bookmark the web page. Web browsers use them in the URL bar, on tabs, and elsewhere to help identify a website visually. Also, it is used as application icon of a mobile device.
Why Is this little icon important?
  • Well, first of all, this little thing defines your blog and makes it unique if we look from a branding point-of-view. It can be so important for visitors if you are a serious blogger.
1- It’s very easy to find a Favicon because there are many websites that provide thousands of free icons.
2- Icons 8 is one of the best websites for free icons. Just Click here and then search for your icon.
2- Once you find it click download
3- Now, we have to go to Theam -> Customize -> 
4- From the list on the left side, click on Site Identity -> Select Image->  Upload file -> Select Files to choose the picture you downloaded and then click on Save Image.

6- Widgets

To make your blog look more professional you should add some additions that show for example your Social sites or the most recent posts or maybe you the search box….etc
Actually, it’s necessary for blogs to have Social icons widget, search widget, and the follow button widget as well because you want to make visitors able to follow your newest posts and that will make visitors more connected to your websites.
1- Free plan in WordPress provides some good widgets, so if you want to use them, you have to go to Dashboard.
 If you don’t know how just click here and then click on your blog name.
2- Once you open the Dashboard, from appearance click on widgets. 
3- Now you can click on any widget and manage it and then place it somewhere in your template (Theam) and the picture below shows the place of every part of the template because when you click on any widget it will ask you where to place it for example sidebar, footer or header,but it differs from template to another.
  • I hope these tips will be useful for you and If you need help with any of these points, feel free to ask me via the comments section below.

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