Peace is what humankind Couldn’t Achieve

Recent researchers discovered that humans first existed 300 thousand years ago. Since then, they were not able to have a real peace although they have written billions of articles about peace. However, the weirdest thing they made is the International Day of Peace.
People talk, write and celebrate International Day of Peace. In fact, we do nothing to achieve peace. Once a criminal does a tragic thing, governments and individuals start to raise money for poor people who lost their home or family. They help them and then the criminal attack them again and the great countries show their concern.
Some might say there are many factors like religions, differences, languages and look that had an effective role in preventing humans from having peace, but if we look closer, we can see that humans actually created these factors throughout history, so it’s  really not the differences or look but greed and selfishness. We all know that humans are one race in origin and science has proved that all human beings are 99.9 percent identical in their genetic makeup, but very few of us care about that. People usually say that. On the other hand, everyone cares only about people from his/her country, people from his/her religion or any group he or she belongs to.
All of that makes us apart and allow perpetrators around the world to control, kill and abuse so many people as we can see every day on the news until it became just a normal part of our daily life and we got used to it. A question comes to mind, how can humans have peace while everyone cares about his own life? Of course, there are some people who are working hard for something called “peace”, but they are very few. We can find many people who don’t even know what’s happening in the world every day. Again, because they consider it none of there business.
Achieving peace will be very hard as long as we are not united as humans. Criminals will keep doing what they do in the poor countries and other developed countries will keep showing their concern and sympathy for another 300 thousand years which is not a solution.
In order to make peace, people should realize that we can’t keep living our life the same way while part of the world is being destroyed more and more every day and another part is growing. This even makes it harder for them to catch up even if they had peace. having experienced the war I can tell that no one can understand how bad it is.
It’s suspicious that many nations and groups around the world are being killed and they blame terrorism as if terrorism has a superpower that no one in this world is able to fight. In order to have peace, we need to get rid of those who are blaming terrorism.

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